I was tripped at School on Thursday.

As you all know I was tripped at School on Thursday. I came home and my head kept hurting worse. On Friday my parents took me to the ER to make sure I didn’t have a Concussion.

I didn’t and since my throat was hurting and my head. They also did a test to see if I had Strep Throat. Which I also didn’t have. I was so grateful to my mom and day who stayed with me the entire time.

I had to have a Cat Scan and it was so hard to remain still. But I did and I would like to say it was over in no, time but its too time. Although I did survive it. Then I had to have a Chest XRay.

My mom came with me while they did both and my dad waited for me in my room. Playing a game. What can I say that is just my dad. As he knows my mom wanted to be with me.

I am truly blessed as they stopped at the grocery store on the way home and picked up all my favorite foods. My mom did forget a couple things. So my grandmother went back this evening and picked up more stuff for me.

I am so glad my mom works from home as she has been camped out on the couch with me the past two days. She has shut her work down just to be with me.

Even my principal called to check on me. That really made me feel good as I know people do care that I ended up both hurt from falling and sick from this virus I seemed to have picked up.

Now I am on the mend as my fever has broken but I won’t be returning to school until Wednesday. So I think I will surprise my parents and make them dinner tomorrow. I wonder what I should make.