Cooking with Charlie

As I begin Homeschool today one of the classes my mother is having me take is a cooking class. So tomorrow night I will be cooking dinner for my family. I have chosen a Steak, Stove Top Stuffing, and Pork N Beans as they are one of my favorite vegetables. So be watching tomorrow to see how I decide to cook the Steak.

Will I use Dad’s new grill or mom’s George Foreman or will mom and I decide to Pan Fry it with Onions? As I know my mom loves Grilled Onions? No, one knows until dinner time tomorrow.

I wonder if mom will help me set the table or if that is something I will need to do as well? Also, what should I serve to drink for mom and I. As we all know dad will want a Beer if he has the money to run to the store and pick on up with. Although since payday isn’t until Wednesday he just might have to have a soda of some kind.