I Visited Epic Indoor Water Park in Grand Prairie Yesterday

Yesterday my family was invited out to visit Epic Indoor Water Park in Grand Prairie, Texas. Epic Indoor Water Park is the only indoor water park with a roof that opens up to allow the Sun to come inside.

With this feature, we can visit the facility year round and swim all most the who Which is perfect for my family as I am homeschooling now and can use it the Water Park for PE.

Another feature most children our age will enjoy is there is a Video Arcade. Inside it are games we will experience as old school games my dad played as a child. For those of you who don’t know it that would be when the dinosaur roamed the planet. LOL

Don’t worry about having lunch before you come as they have that covered through there Snack Bar and the cart which sells Hot Dogs. Or skip the food and go for the Dippin Dots Icecream. Which I will be purchasing instead of the food they have for sale.

Tell your parents they offer season passes, and they have three different passes for us to pick through. If you’re like me, then you will want them to get you the year-round pass just as I  want my parents to get me.

If you have little brothers or sisters that will not leave you alone drop them off in the children’s area and you will never have to worry about them because they will be to busy playing.

Do you like Basketball? Then you can join me in the pool, and we can shot baskets as they have four goals in the pool. Or at least I think it was 4. I was so busy looking at everything that I forget to count them.

If you need water shoes or a bathing suit, then visit the Gift Shop as I found a lot of items I would like to get for myself. Although I might be nice and purchase my mom the pair of water shoes she saw and asked my father if she could buy. My dad didn’t get them for her yesterday.

As for the slides, there are so many to chose from that until I have a chance to try them all out I can’t pick out which one I like best. Although I can tell you there is one that goes outside.

Before you ask me if I was able to swim yesterday, I would have been able to, but my mother wouldn’t let me. As I still have a horrible cough and she was afraid I would end up getting even sicker.

Epic Indoors Water Park opens on Friday evening, and they have a contest you should check out. You can bet I will be asking my dad to take me there. If he says no, I can always say it’s for school. LOL As it can be my PE class for the week.

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2970 Epic Place  Grand Prairie, Texas 75052
tel:  972.337.3131
email:  info@epicwatersgp.com


Hours of Operation
Open Daily 10am-9pm

You can now purchase your day passes online! Visit epicwatersgp.com/admission now!