Cooking with Charlie

As I begin Homeschool today one of the classes my mother is having me take is a cooking class. So tomorrow night I will be cooking dinner for my family. I have chosen a Steak, Stove Top Stuffing, and Pork N Beans as they are one of my favorite vegetables. So be watching tomorrow to see how I decide to cook the Steak.

Will I use Dad’s new grill or mom’s George Foreman or will mom and I decide to Pan Fry it with Onions? As I know my mom loves Grilled Onions? No, one knows until dinner time tomorrow.

I wonder if mom will help me set the table or if that is something I will need to do as well? Also, what should I serve to drink for mom and I. As we all know dad will want a Beer if he has the money to run to the store and pick on up with. Although since payday isn’t until Wednesday he just might have to have a soda of some kind.


Welcome to my first meal of 2018

Today it is just my mom and me at home as my father is working. With it being the New Year I wanted to cook dinner for us. So, I chose one of mine and my mom’s favorite meals.

I am making Hamburger Helpers Crunch Taco as this is my favorite flavor of Hamburger Helper. Also, it is my mothers favorite as well. With my dad being at work today it was the perfect time to make it as he doesn’t care for it.

So I have been nice and I am making my father Homemade Hamburgers so he doesn’t have to cook when he gets home late this evening. All he will need to do is put them on some bread.

With the Hamburger Helper, I thought of opening a can of green beans so we would have our veggies but I decided that I didn’t want to and this time my mom said it would be fine not to have a veggie.

But not to make a habit out of it as its the New Year and she want’s us to all eat more healthier meals.  So, I have a question for you do you eat this flavor or Hamburger Helper and if so what do you serve with it and why?

Did you know I use mine with Doritos Cheese Flavored or Ranch and I dip the chips into the meal and use it as a snack? Who needs silverware and plates when you can turn your meals into finger foods?

Thank you,