Guess Where I Went…

Guess Where I Went…

I went to the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum on Thursday with my mom, dad and Aiden. Now, you might ask who is Aiden. So I will tell you he is my best friend.

Aiden and I have been friends since Kidergarden. Aiden likes Football and I like Soccer. Aiden likes Minecraft and I like Wrestling. I like to be outside and Aiden likes to be inside.

But more than that Aiden and I are friends for  life.

Thank, you,

Charlie aka Bones

My Thoughts On Last Nights Match At The American Legion Post #655

I was so excited when I woke up yesterday morning as I knew that evening I would be attending my first Wrestling match ever. In my entire life. Now if you know me and know how much I love wrestling you would think I would have been to a million matches but that isn’t the case.

So we waited for my dad to get home then we went to get my best friend Aiden so he could watch the match with us. I think Aiden was more excited than I was.

Once we arrived we picked out our seats and waited for it to begin. As we waited wrestlers started arriving and we was able to reach out and touch them as we was so close to them.

The matches began and both Aiden and I was so happy and wanted to keep watching it all night.  But it ended and we had to take Aiden home.  So we will be waiting for the next match as we can’t get enough of wrestling.

I am hopping my mom takes me to Bedford, Texas next Saturday night as they also host wrestling and I can see two of my friends who wrestle there. Before you ask yes,  I know lots of wrestlers.

Thank you,


VIP Wrestling At The American Legion Post #655

Last night I was able to attend VIP Wrestling hosted by Lamont Williams and Donald Kobe of the American Legion Post #655 in Haltom City, Texas.  This was a dream come true for me.

I was so proud of my mom as she searched and searched until she found Wrestling for us to attend. The neat part is Lamont owns a Wrestling school near our home.

So if your in Haltom City and would like to attend a wrestling match contact me for more information. As we should be having matches every other month.

Thank you,

Charlie Cates

Charlie Reviews Is Written By Charlie Cates

Hello,   Charlie Reviews Is Written By Charlie C.  I am 9 years old and I am here to teach others about wrestling and other things young children like to do. I started blogging when I was 4 as I helped my mom on her site.

My mom is Glenda C and she runs The Mommies Reviews. I would attend events with her and take the pictures of the events for her.  My father also helped us and so our blogs is our family business.

Today I would like to welcome you to my own blog. It is called Charlie Reviews. On here you will learn about things I like to do.  Such as the wrestling matches we attend. Video Games and playing outside as well as building robots.

Thank you for stopping by Charlies Reviews