My 3 Favorite Wrestlers

Jeff Hardy is my very favorite and the reason is he is a daredevil. Just as I am. Jeff Hardy will jump from high spots and isn’t afraid of falling. If I could I would do the same thing. Just don’t tell my mom.

My second favorite Wrestler, of course,┬áis Matt Hardy and Jeff and brothers. They used to be partners but now Wrestle on there own. I like Matt because his signature move is “twist of fate/ twist of hate”. Have you ever seen him do it? If so what did you think of it why?

Last and not least I like Ray Masterio and I like when he jumps over the ropes when his opponents are on the other side of the rope. I also like seeing him do his signature move 619.

My dad likes to watch Bruiser Brody and if you were to ask me why I couldn’t tell you. As I haven’t ever seen him Wrestle. Because he died in 1988 due to a knife wound by another Wrestler.