Last Week Due To Be Tripped In School I Am Homeschooling Now

Welcome, to a new chapter in my life. My dad decided yesterday after the accident in school last week that he would remove me from school. At this time my mom is homeschooling me.

Along with several friends who have been sending us resources to use. Until my mom has a chance to check with K12 and also Texas Connections to see if they can get me into there schools.

For those of you who don’t know they are public schools but you do them in your home on your own time. Although there are tutors which my mom wants me to have.

As she isn’t sure she would know how to teach me everything I need to learn. If you want to know the truth I worry about that as well. Although I would rather be at home and be safe. Then in school worrying about someone hurting me again.

Thank you,