I Feel Like I Was Hurt On Purpose Yesterday

I left home yesterday to go to school and I was excited to see my friends. As we were getting ready to go outside yesterday to play. I had gone to get my Football. When someone tripped me and caused me to hit my head.


My question for you is why would someone want to hurt me? I didn’t do anything to anyone? Why won’t anyone tell the teacher who did it? I know someone had to see me fall?

Why didn’t my teacher send me to the nurse? My head hurt and I wanted to go home. My eyes were bothering me and I was having trouble seeing. I needed help. Only no, one would help me?

Why didn’t the teacher get me the help I needed? Why was I being punished and being sent outside to play when I wanted my parents? Why was I made to feel bad when I was hurting?

Am I a bad person? Someone Please help me. All I want is a friend…

I know my mom was scared and upset when she heard as I saw her crying. I know she is afraid to send me back to school because it might happen again.

So I have a question for you what kind of world do we live in where children have to be afraid to go to school?

In fact, my mom kept me home today as my head still hurts and just walking into the school was making her a nervous wreck as she didn’t want to leave me.

Please pray for us as I have to return on Monday.. Or should I ask to be Homeschooled and just stay inside and never venture outside?