January 1st Ultimate Blog Challenge

Good morning, my mom had this brilliant idea to have me join a new Blogging Event called The Ultimate Blog Challenge. In the challenge, we are supposed to blog each day during the month of January.

I am not sure I can do this or would have anything to say. But that is fine as they send us prompts we can use. So for the first day, we are supposed to introduce ourselves.

My name is Charlie Cates although if you ask my family they might say I am Charlie, Bones, Wiggles or Budda Baby as I have quite a few nicknames. I just turned 10 years old in December.

I live with my mom and dad. As well as our three dogs. In a Mobile Home in December. I attend Major Cheney Elementary School in Haltom City, Texas I was born at North Hills Hospital in North Richland Hills.

I love Wrestling playing outside and spending time with my friends and family. I love watching movies with my mom. As well as playing Video Games with my dad.

If you would like to learn more about my family you can find my mom on her own website at TheMommiesReviews.com and I thank God for her and her website as it allows her to remain at home with me.

Thank you,


I was tripped at School on Thursday.

As you all know I was tripped at School on Thursday. I came home and my head kept hurting worse. On Friday my parents took me to the ER to make sure I didn’t have a Concussion.

I didn’t and since my throat was hurting and my head. They also did a test to see if I had Strep Throat. Which I also didn’t have. I was so grateful to my mom and day who stayed with me the entire time.

I had to have a Cat Scan and it was so hard to remain still. But I did and I would like to say it was over in no, time but its too time. Although I did survive it. Then I had to have a Chest XRay.

My mom came with me while they did both and my dad waited for me in my room. Playing a game. What can I say that is just my dad. As he knows my mom wanted to be with me.

I am truly blessed as they stopped at the grocery store on the way home and picked up all my favorite foods. My mom did forget a couple things. So my grandmother went back this evening and picked up more stuff for me.

I am so glad my mom works from home as she has been camped out on the couch with me the past two days. She has shut her work down just to be with me.

Even my principal called to check on me. That really made me feel good as I know people do care that I ended up both hurt from falling and sick from this virus I seemed to have picked up.

Now I am on the mend as my fever has broken but I won’t be returning to school until Wednesday. So I think I will surprise my parents and make them dinner tomorrow. I wonder what I should make.


My 3 Favorite Wrestlers

Jeff Hardy is my very favorite and the reason is he is a daredevil. Just as I am. Jeff Hardy will jump from high spots and isn’t afraid of falling. If I could I would do the same thing. Just don’t tell my mom.

My second favorite Wrestler, of course, is Matt Hardy and Jeff and brothers. They used to be partners but now Wrestle on there own. I like Matt because his signature move is “twist of fate/ twist of hate”. Have you ever seen him do it? If so what did you think of it why?

Last and not least I like Ray Masterio and I like when he jumps over the ropes when his opponents are on the other side of the rope. I also like seeing him do his signature move 619.

My dad likes to watch Bruiser Brody and if you were to ask me why I couldn’t tell you. As I haven’t ever seen him Wrestle. Because he died in 1988 due to a knife wound by another Wrestler.



My Top 10 Favorite Wrestling Moves

This morning I wanted to share with you my Top 10 Wrestling Moves. Once I am done sharing them can you come share yours with me?

  1. 430 from Flip performed by Justin Gabriel
  2. Swanton Bomb by Jeff Hardy
  3. Matt Hardy Twist of Fate/ Twist of Fate
  4. Big Show WMD and he also has the Choke Slam
  5. Kane Tombstone

Now, I have a question for you do you watch wrestling and if you do what is your favorite move and why?

As for my mom, she likes the VonEricks and the especially the Father Fritz Von Erich and his signature move the Iron Claw.

Thank you,


I Feel Like I Was Hurt On Purpose Yesterday

I left home yesterday to go to school and I was excited to see my friends. As we were getting ready to go outside yesterday to play. I had gone to get my Football. When someone tripped me and caused me to hit my head.


My question for you is why would someone want to hurt me? I didn’t do anything to anyone? Why won’t anyone tell the teacher who did it? I know someone had to see me fall?

Why didn’t my teacher send me to the nurse? My head hurt and I wanted to go home. My eyes were bothering me and I was having trouble seeing. I needed help. Only no, one would help me?

Why didn’t the teacher get me the help I needed? Why was I being punished and being sent outside to play when I wanted my parents? Why was I made to feel bad when I was hurting?

Am I a bad person? Someone Please help me. All I want is a friend…

I know my mom was scared and upset when she heard as I saw her crying. I know she is afraid to send me back to school because it might happen again.

So I have a question for you what kind of world do we live in where children have to be afraid to go to school?

In fact, my mom kept me home today as my head still hurts and just walking into the school was making her a nervous wreck as she didn’t want to leave me.

Please pray for us as I have to return on Monday.. Or should I ask to be Homeschooled and just stay inside and never venture outside?



If I Could Interview A Wrestler

This morning I thought I would compose a list of questions I would like to ask a Wrestler. If I ever have the chance to meet one up close and personal.

  1. What is your favorite thing about Wrestling and why?
  2. Who is your favorite Wrestler dead or alive?
  3. In your mind who is the strongest Wrestler and also who is the weakest and why?
  4. What is your favorite Wrestling move you use and what is your favorite move another Wrestler uses and why?
  5. In your mind who is the biggest daredevil and why?

Now, for a bonus question: Dead or alive what one Wrestler would you most like to Wrestle and why?

Where would this match be held at and why?

For which organization?

Thank you,


Day 16- Take A Walk #FunFamilyFitness

Day 1- Talk a Walk #FunFamilyFitness

Welcome to Day 1 of our 31 Day Fun Family Fitness Challenge for the month of January.

This fun event involves 31 days of … #FunFamilyFitness Challenge hosted by TheMommiesReviews.com and I would like to invite you to join my family.  As we work together to get up and move for at least 30 minutes each and every day.

Day 1- Talk a Walk is a great way to get started in the New Year!

Even though we are in Texas it is too cold to walk to the park so my family is going to walk through our yard and gather all of our items which can be used in Exercise: Footballs, Soccer Balls, Bikes, Lawn Equipment and put it all in one place.

This way each day everything is in one place and we can do our challenge before Charlie leaves for school. Unless Charlie wants’s to wait until his father gets home in the afternoon so he can work out with us.

The main goal of the challenge is to “Make sure your moving for at least 30 minutes.”  Invite your friends and family to come join us. The more the merrier. 

Day 1 Talk a walk around your neighborhood.

Day 2 Let’s go Bike Riding

Day 3 Help out in the house by sweeping and mopping

Day 4 Time to clean the front yard and rake the leaves

Day 5 Pick up Soccer Game anyone

Day 6  Let’s play Twister and see how long it takes before you fall down. Once your done grab the duster and lets dust the Furniture I bet I can dust faster than you can.

Day 7  Time to move and the cars are  dirty lets wash cars and as we do sweep the driveway

Day 8 Basketball anyone

Day 9  Is your room being overrun with toys let’s bag up the items you no longer want and take it out to the trash.

Day 10 Time to play Baseball

Day 11 Let’s have a race to the end of the Street and back

Day 12 How many steps does it take to hop around your neighborhood?

Day 13 Off to the park and let’s climb on the Monkey Bars

Day 14 I will swing you if you swing me, then let’s slide down the slide. No, cheating you have to go up the Stairs.

Day 15 Time to venture out of our neighborhood lets go grocery shopping and count the steps we walk in the store. You can find a free fitness tracker on your phone.

Day 16 Time to host a Dance Contest I can dance longer than you can. Any type of dance goes

Day 17 CHase or Freeze Tag (move this to day 26) Change to Fitness App or Video

Day 18 Come help wash and dry the clothes and help put them up. How many steps did you use?

Day 19  Grab a towel, yoga mat or fitness bands and lets stretch!

Day 20 Let’s have a Scooter race if you don’t have a Scooter use your bike or feet as there great to get moving.

Day 21 Wash Dishes and no, not in the Dishwasher by hand and this means cleaning the dinner table off and resetting it for breakfast. How many steps did you use?

Day 22 Bowling

Day 23 Let’s read a book but you have to move each time you turn a page where will you end up at?

Day 24 Can you climb a tree if so how far did you get and how long did it take?

Day 25 Let’s spend the night outside under the Stars and let’s play tag
Day 26 Call your friends and let’s play Old Rover

Day 27 If it’s warm outside let’s get the water hose out and play water tag

Day 28 How high can you jump and for how long?

Day 29  Let’s go on a Scavenger Hunt

Day 30 Jump Rope for 3 minutes can you do it? ( Anna Banana Rhyme book)

Day 31 Dodge Ball

Thank you,


Welcome to my first meal of 2018

Today it is just my mom and me at home as my father is working. With it being the New Year I wanted to cook dinner for us. So, I chose one of mine and my mom’s favorite meals.

I am making Hamburger Helpers Crunch Taco as this is my favorite flavor of Hamburger Helper. Also, it is my mothers favorite as well. With my dad being at work today it was the perfect time to make it as he doesn’t care for it.

So I have been nice and I am making my father Homemade Hamburgers so he doesn’t have to cook when he gets home late this evening. All he will need to do is put them on some bread.

With the Hamburger Helper, I thought of opening a can of green beans so we would have our veggies but I decided that I didn’t want to and this time my mom said it would be fine not to have a veggie.

But not to make a habit out of it as its the New Year and she want’s us to all eat more healthier meals.  So, I have a question for you do you eat this flavor or Hamburger Helper and if so what do you serve with it and why?

Did you know I use mine with Doritos Cheese Flavored or Ranch and I dip the chips into the meal and use it as a snack? Who needs silverware and plates when you can turn your meals into finger foods?

Thank you,



Welcome, To 2018 Happy New Year

Welcome, To 2018 Happy New Year

As I begin a new year my hopes and dreams are that I will be promoted to 5th grade at the end of school.  For those of you who didn’t know, I struggle with reading and math.

Image result for new year 2018 images

This is the first time I had picked a word of the year out but as I would like to have chosen family.  I picked family because I love them and want to spend more time with those I love.

I have a question for you what is your word of the year and why did you choose it?

My mom has chosen to use believe as her word of the year.  If you want to know why you should check out her blog at TheMommiesReviews.com. I wonder if we can get my father to pick out a word as well?

Thank you,